Madison Dickson
Madison Dickson

 Hi, I’m Madison

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Navy wife, and girl mama living her best life on the island of Oahu.


Dive into all things motherhood, lifestyle, and aloha.

Grab your coffee(or your Mai Tai, I won’t judge) and read up on my colorful life. I cover life as a military wife, mom, business owner, and life living in Hawaii. I always like to keep it real for you guys and hope it’s as fun for you to follow along as it is for me to tell the story.


Make Waves Marketing Co.: doin’ it for the ‘gram since 2017.

Fun fact: I am a total nerd about marketing. While some people get excited about new shows, good food, and promotions; I get excited about algorithms, websites, and Instagram. TLDR; I love helping small business owners market their business online.