Mom Hacks: A Mani You Can Do in 30 Minutes(or less!)

Okay you guys. I am hacking my way through pregnancy which has been a blessing because let’s face it, I’m a busy gal. Two things I never compromise on as far as my beauty upkeep goes is lashes and nails. I get my lash extensions done regularly and usually am rocking a gel mani. However, I began to run into this issue during my second trimester where every time I set foot in a salon, I was getting extremely nauseous and terrible headaches. I am not sure of the cause still but I knew I was dreading my trip to the salon every couple of weeks. As I got into my third trimester I had enough and had to find a new solution. I am terrible at doing my own nails and did not know anyone who could do them in my home so I did a little research and discovered Color Street.

There is a local page for small businesses and I found a girl who sold it and had stock on hand. She showed me the application process and I picked up an adorable set of new nails. I am beyond obsessed with the color(perfect for Thanksgiving which is why I needed my nails fixed in the first place) and the application was SO EASY. I applied it in under 30 minutes(I definitely could have done it faster but 1. I had to soak off my gel and 2. I was binging Netflix so of course I was distracted). I love this solution and know I will easily be able to manage my nails myself say, while K is napping.


I was worried about the durability because your girl is tough on her poor nails but so far so good! I carried on with my days as usual with no lifting, peeling, flaking, etc. and I am beyond happy with my results. This is the perfect solution for someone who might not be able to make it to the salon regularly but still needs their nails looking good or frankly just does not want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for sub-par work. My mani was done quickly and for just under $13, how could you not love that!?

Check out Vanessa’s Color Street page on Facebook! If you’re local, shop her on hand supply(she has some cute ones!) or use her website to have your mani shipped directly to your door!

MotherhoodMadison Dickson