Deployment Diaries: Half Way There

We are finally near the halfway point! I don't know if it's being pregnant or if I am just lucky, but this deployment is absolutely flying by me. I have been enjoying this time alone; using my "me time" to grow and develop parts of myself that I care about but definitely do not devote enough time to. I have been using the time to get to know myself, build my business, and of course get ready to welcome our little princess into this world. 

Doing things for yourself is an important part of every day. I like to spend my time enjoying a hot chai or hot chocolate outside or at the table with my subscription to Bend Magazine if it has arrived recently(thanks mom). It is so nice to take just 20 minutes of the day to check out what's going on at home with my favorite bevvie and it puts me in a relaxed state of mind. If I don't have a recent issue of the magazine, I usually use the time to set goals, write dreams for our daughter, or just sit and enjoy the beauty of nothing.

There are perks to deployment if you're an optimist like me. Freedom to starfish in the bed, no one taking your blankets all night, I eat all of the foods I love and Jesse hates but then there is the downside, it gets lonely around here. Luckily I have been able to FaceTime Jesse pretty often while he's away so it is nice to talk to him right before I go to sleep. It has easily become a part of my routine which brings me to my next important point...

Form a routine. Having a regular schedule has been one of the most helpful things during deployment. I also have a great support system which is one thing I would pass on to new military spouses. Find your tribe; don't be afraid to join those groups and make new friends. You'll appreciate them when you're having wine nights while the guys are gone, trust me. 

Baby K is continuing to grow every day and I am so excited to meet her! The halfway through deployment mark is the (almost) halfway through pregnancy mark as well. Baby girl will make her grand entrance in late January and boy am I ready for her. I have dreamt of having a little girl since Jesse and I first began the kids talk. I was convinced I was having a boy the whole time so when my ultrasound tech said she was definitely a girl, I couldn't control my excitement; I thought I was literally going to roll or jump off the bed from excitement. Jesse was also convinced baby Dickson was a boy so he thought I was playing the worst prank of 2018 on him when I told him she is a girl(LOL). But despite the shock, we are beyond thrilled to welcome in our baby girl next year.


Alright, that's all I have for this update. Catch ya on the next one!

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