Deployment Diaries: I'm in a Slump

UGH. Okay I went a little MIA from Instagram last week because my momma and auntie were here and I was living my best life. I played #TourGuideMadison and it was so much fun(and inspired a post coming soon). Anyways, I dropped my mom off last week and then fell into a slump immediately after. I called and woke up Jesse(sorry babe) and bawled about how it was “the worst day ever” a phrase a used a lot that day. I went home, cried some more, ate some chips, and took a nap. I had all these hopes of the laundry I would do, the floors I would sweep, the car I might wash, and at the end of the day I did approximately none of that. I managed to pull it together to write a sub-par essay due that night(procrastination nation y’all) and then surprised myself by making dinner(I thought it would be a pizza night). I took those little wins but wish I would’ve done more. I felt pretty useless on the verge of tears all day and then having a handful of breakdowns.

So, how am I pulling myself out of the slump? No one else can pull me out of the slump, I have to do this on my own. I have to pull up my big girl pants and get shit done. I meticulously schedule my days to be the most efficient they could possibly be. I fill my days up so full that I do not have time for my own BS.

Next, I let myself cry…sometimes. I know it is not a good thing to push down my emotions so sometimes I just have to let it out and that’s okay. But after, I wash my face, drink some water, and get on with my day. I can’t dwell on what I can’t control so I choose to thrive on what I can.

Last, I celebrate my little victories. Even if it is as simple as making my bed and responding to a handful of emails, I did it and that is okay for the day. I don’t settle for these “okay” days often because I know I can do better and be better but sometimes the days to be better and do better are the tomorrows of life. Let yourself be “off” for a day and celebrate what you CAN do.

I am going to pull myself out of this slump. I am feeling inspired after my stay-cation and stoked about the projects I have coming. I can do this. This slump can suck it.


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