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Baby Led Weaning: Month One

MotherhoodMadison Dickson
Baby Led Weaning: Month One

I can’t believe I have a SEVEN MONTH OLD. How the heck did that happen!?

After she turned 6 months, we started Baby Led Weaning(BLW) which is basically where your baby eats what you eat but cut into shapes they can hold and feed themselves(finger shapes). It’s been a wild time with our girl; she loves her foods!

I am so glad we went this route rather than doing traditional baby food. I know some parents combo-feed(purees+BLW), just do BLW, or just do purees. No matter your path, a fed babe is a happy babe but here are a few reasons our family loves BLW:

  1. No “special” meals/foods: I do not have to bring or prepare a special meal for K to have. She has what we have.

  2. Developing fine motor skills: K’s coordination has greatly improved since we began BLW. She has learned how to bring things to her mouth as well as passing off between hands, she plays much for effectively with toys, and overall just seems to have a better grasp on things.

  3. It’s fun: Kailani loves meal time because she gets to participate in the family meal on her own. The girl has mad FOMO so this is perfect for her.

  4. She is learning how to eat: Until BLW, K was exclusively breastfed(EBF) so she only knew milk. Obviously something like pasta has a way different texture than her milk so she has learned how to adapt to the various textures(taking small bites to avoid choking, mushing with her gums rather than just swallowing, etc.).

  5. It’s less strain on mama: K is no longer reliant on solely me for her nourishment. I know that may sound selfish, but EBF is a lot of work and can be mentally challenging. It’s nice to pass off meal time to Jesse now and then.

Okay now for some of her favorite foods so far(AKA things she eats daily/multiple times per week):

  • Oatmeal: she LOVES oatmeal. It’s become a staple in our pantry. She eats this using pre-loaded spoons(we load the spoon and set it down for her to pick up and feed herself).

  • Banana: Banana fingers are a great snack for her! Easy to eat and the slimy texture helps with her patience when eating lol. *Remember to cut into finger length strips! I slice in half lengthwise then slice those in half.

  • Pasta: The girl loves her carbs just like her mama. So far her favorite has been Instant Pot chicken parmesan pasta. I use penne pasta so it’s easy for her to pick up.

  • Cheese quesadillas: These are way easy for weeknight dinners and are the perfect food to cut into finger length strips. I do admit that the majority of the time, Kailani just sucks the cheese out of the tortilla but that’s kind of fun.

If you’re thinking about BLW for your babe these are a few of my favorite resources: