The Best Beaches on Oahu


Of course, living on an island I am an avid beach goer. I do not do any type of water sports(unless you count floating with an iced tea in my hand) and love the beaches where I can just relax. The first of my favorites is down the road from my house and is known as Secret Beach. This can only be accessed by those with access to Marine Corps. Base Hawaii but man the views at this place are unbeatable! It is perfect for families with calm, clear waters and I have seen turtles there on multiple occasions! The next of my favorites is Kailua Beach and neighboring Lanikai Beach. These places are somewhat famous and have breathtaking views with beautiful waters.*
*It is best to avoid after a rainy day as the water gets a little gross but other than that I love to grab a shave ice and hit one of these beaches for some relaxation.
The last of my favorites is not really a beach at all. I love the drive from Windward Oahu to the North Shore because of all of the little beaches along the way. I love stopping at the many swings along the way and it is super easy to find an empty beach along the road.

HawaiiMadison Dickson