Happiness & Hydration with Waiakea


I am totally one of those weirdos that is a water snob. I know it’s “just water” but I swear to you not all water tastes the same. My sweet friends over at Waiakea(one of my all time favorites since forever) were kind enough to send me a case of their liquid gold. I have never been so excited over a partnership before you guys! I love Waiakea of course because their water is amazing but they are also a company I am proud to support.


They promote sustainable practices using 100% post-recycled bottle reducing carbon emissions by 90% and they are certified CarbonNeutral.


For every liter of Waiakea purchased, they donate 1 week’s supply of clean water to communities in Africa. Waiakea also donates over 2% of revenue to local nonprofits on the Hawaiian Islands, fostering education and environmental stewardship.


On top of those things, Waiakea water is Filtered through porous volcanic rock and is naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.6-8.2.

Find a store near you that carries Waiakea with their store locator here or if you’re like me and would rather have your goods show up to your front door, you can order online here. You can also have subscriptions delivered to your home if you want to be 100% sure you are never without your water. Check out their subscription plans here.

HawaiiMadison Dickson