My Pregnancy and Maternity Essentials

We are in the final countdown y’all! Baby K is on her way in the next few weeks and I have started to reflect on my pregnancy and I realized there are quite a few products I (probably) could not have lived without. I have been asked about the essentials and now that I am at the end of pregnancy, I have finally sat down to write out this post. This is for all of my mamas to be! This is a unique time and I hope these essentials make the less exciting times a little easier!

PS- If you guys want to ignore all of my rambling and reasoning, you can simply click photos to shop and you’ll be directed to the product(s).

Maternity Clothing

Okay one of the first things with pregnancy was my boob growing(sorry if that’s TMI, get used to it for this post). I could hardly stand to put a shirt on let alone a bra so after some online research, I decided to purchase some maternity/nursing bras and man they saved my life. They are so soft and comfy and now I can use them for nursing too! Along with those, I needed a tank top to accommodate my growing belly. I am not a huge fan of the ruching on most maternity tops so I lucked out and found this layering tank at Target and I am obsessed! I have so many colors and they are the perfect fit. Next on the list was some leggings. I already live in leggings instead of pants but as things started to get tighter, I needed some maternity leggings. I bought these bad boys also from Target(can’t find on the Target website but I found them on Amazon) and I am secretly hoping they still fit post pregnancy- they’re that good. One staple in my closet is a good black maxi dress(this one has pockets!!). This is super convenient to have on those days when putting on pants and a top feels like too much(this happened a lot for me). The last things I needed that came towards the end of my second trimester was the need for some comfy undies. There was nothing making me more uncomfortable than a thong all up in my lady biz and I was fed up so I bought these boy short style undies and I literally felt like a new woman. I followed up with these fold over style panties that online reviews say will be great for PP too!

Pregnancy Skincare and Beauty

Of course, all of these crazy hormone changes made my skin go WILD. This was crazy stuff like I had never seen going from oily one week to dry the next. All of a sudden the face cleansers I had been using for years were causing some wild reactions, especially my make up remover wipes. I decided to try these Garnier Micellar makeup remover wipes and now I don’t think I can go back. They are gentle on the skin but they really get the job done. I also picked up this stretch mark cream as a preventative measure and to help stop the stretch marks I was getting in their tracks and I like to think it made a difference. I also needed to keep my skin moisturized(one because it was dry, and two because my spray tan aka the only thing that made me feel pretty some of the time was wearing off way too quick). I saw a recommendation from my spray tan gal Stefani on her IG story one time for this lotion and got myself some. 10/10 recommend, that’s all I can say. I also needed my trusty Shampure Dry Shampoo to get through those days where I wanted to make it look like I hadn't been lounging all day long as well as my favorite $7 concealer that I knew would have my back.

Other Essentials

The second thing I bought ever during my first trimester was this C-shaped pregnancy pillow. I had the worst back pain that was only getting worse with pregnancy and my OB recommended a pillow like this as a sleep aid. It definitely did the trick and I have been attached to it ever since. I also know the importance of hydration during pregnancy. My OB told me a gallon per day which seemed daunting at first. Having my Yeti rambler to keep ice water by my side all day long helped so much and I used the straw lid because I love drinking with a straw and find that I drink more with a straw than without. Comfortable shoes were also a must and my trusty Birks were a godsend. This style is fashionable yet comfortable(and great for travel). My most recent purchase during my last trimester is this giant ball. I got it to sit on when chairs aren’t comfortable and to help relieve some of my back pain with some stretches recommended by my physical therapist. My ball came in an awesome package with a pump, some squishy bottom socks, and a storage bag that will easily fit into my hospital bag when the time comes.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my mini reviews and notes on my pregnancy essentials. Best of luck to my mamas to be out there! XO

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