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Postpartum Life: First 2 Weeks with Our Baby Girl

MotherhoodMadison Dickson
Postpartum Life: First 2 Weeks with Our Baby Girl

Aside from birth, I was absolutely terrified of postpartum life. I was horrified at the thought of postpartum depression, no sleep, and had a little anxiety about being responsible for a tiny human’s whole life. These things are all normal as far as life with a newborn goes and I am lucky that I escaped most of that. I credit having an awesome baby and even more awesome husband.
PS- This post is going to be filled with little tips and tricks that I have picked up on in my first two weeks with a newborn as a first time mama. This post also contains affiliate links you can purchase from directly. I may make a small commission but there is no extra cost to you and I thank you for your support.

Let’s start at the hospital:
I read about the glorious mesh undies that are provided at the hospital and sure they were okay but nothing felt better than slipping into my own underwear. I brought these in my hospital bag and used the provided pads for the rest of my stay. I changed about an hour or so after delivery and it made a HUGE difference in how comfortable I was. To me, the mesh undies were just too big on me and I didn’t feel like my pad was secure enough. I did try some of these Always Discreet disposable underwear(aka adult diapers) but still felt way more comfortable in my soft underwear with a pad.
One of our amazing nurses gave me a can of Dermoplast spray and it was such a relief. I had the red can at home but it stings a little near my stitches and the blue can does not. Go with the blue can just in case.

After we got home…
I took home the reminder of my hospital pads and used those until they were gone. Since then, I have been using these L. brand pads. I use L brand tampons during my regular period because they are free from added fragrances, dyes, deodorants, or pesticides, a good choice for postpartum. I also like that they are thin so it doesn’t feel all bulky down there. Despite being so thin, they are surprisingly absorbent and have been perfect during the postpartum recovery period.
I also ordered one of these “mom washers” to use in place of the peri bottle I received at the hospital. The peri bottle was great at the hospital but I prefer my mom washer because you can angle it upside down for easier use rather than only being able to spray in one direction.
One thing that is important during this recovery time(other than resting and taking care of my babe of course) is staying cozy, I have been living in my maternity leggings and the comfiest joggers ever. I also highly recommend some nursing bras and nursing tanks(I love this style and this two pack). Stock up on both of these before your babe comes.
Exclusive breastfeeding was always my plan for Kailani and she and I took to it like old pros. I love the bond we get to have during this time but it has been tough on a gal’s nipples. I was using lanolin to soothe my sore nipples but I switched to this one from The Honest Co. and it has been so much better. The price is a little steeper but it is so worth it. I also recommend a Boppy pillow and a couple of covers if you have weak arms like me and need a little extra support.
I also experienced some engorgement and a clogged duct in our first days home and one way I was relieving those was with hot and cool therapy. I have been using these gel pads that from Lansinoh that can do both hot and cold.
Also with breastfeeding, I am lucky and produce a lot of milk but with that I find myself leaking throughout the day and night. For nights, I like these reusable pads from Bamboobies and during the day I use these disposable ones from Lansinoh.
I also have seen many IG rants and memes about cold coffee and I #cantrelate. Using this trusty Yeti, I keep my coffee hot all day long. Trust me, I welcomed coffee back into my life with open arms(don’t worry it’s only one cup) and was not about to ruin that by drinking it cold. Bleh.

For Kailani:
I started to go a little stir crazy the first week and then we had visitors from out of town. Of course I was ready to be mobile again and start walking a little at a time so I needed to shield my baby girl from the world since she can’t get her shots yet. I love my Tula Free to Grow carrier and our Baby K’tan carrier. I definitely favor the Tula more because of the support factor but the Baby K’tan keep K nice and snuggly close.
We have taken our stroller out as well which is part of a travel system(we are loving it btw). It is super affordable for what it is and we love the convenience factors. When we take K out in her stroller, we are covering her with this 5 in 1 cover. I also have used it as a nursing cover; the multifunctional products are a game changer.

I hope this post can help some of you soon to be mamas get what you need before your babe comes. I am loving motherhood and can tell you there is absolutely nothing better on this Earth.

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