Hello hello!

It has been a hot minute since I’ve been on the blog. My multiple business ventures and new motherhood finally caught up to me and life just took over. I am stoked to be back though and what better way to bring this thing back than with (another) rebrand. Don’t worry, if you laughed so did I.

BUT I think this is finally “the one”. I went through a pretty dark season at the start of this year and finally feel alive again. I wanted my online presence to reflect that so I started with a new preset for my Instagram that really brightened things up. After that I figured it was time to pull away from those muted tones and neutrals I loved so much and brighten up the rest. Like letting in a little ray of virtual sunshine.

Before I loved neutrals, I loved all things bright. The tropical colors with pinks, teals, and yellows really spoke to me. I was not afraid of color. When I completed my most recent rebrand, I saw a lot of neutrals and although it was gorgeous it still wasn't me. I wanted the color back in my life so I created my own sunshine and now my online life reflects that.

Vision Board.png

This is my vision board for my brand now. Rather than being so cut and dry(literally want to barf at that now) I see a bright, cheery, welcoming place that really captures the way I feel in my daily life. Living in Hawaii I feel the aloha spirit literally every where so I pulled a lot of tropical influence from my daily views. I hope you guys love the changes as much as I do. I am excited to be back* and creating the best content I can.

*I say back because although I never really left, I am back as myself again.