Why We're Skipping Christmas This Year


Christmas is easily my favorite holiday of them all. I love every thing from the lights to the traditions and times with family and watching everyone’s faces light up when they open gifts on Christmas morning. Point is: ya girl loves Christmas. I decorated right after Halloween, yes I am that person.

Naturally, it came as a shock to everyone we know when I said J and I were skipping Christmas this year. Well, not all of it, just the gifting portion. We will still go see the lights and the tree is up but we did not shop for each other and the skirt under the tree is still visible. This is for a few reasons but the main ones are we won’t be traveling to be with our families(being 35 weeks pregnant put a damper on our travel) and the second reason is it’s been a blessed year for us this year. There is not one thing Jesse and I need or really want for us or for baby K because our families have provided so much and we are trying to not have so much excess.

We decided to repurpose our Christmas budget this year to give back to a local family(this is a tradition for me as my mom’s job always adopts a bunch of local families to make their Christmas dreams possible and it is my first year missing the festivities). I was super bummed that I was missing out on one of my favorite traditions so I decided to bring my traditions here since I couldn’t go home. I found a local non-profit and gathered some information about a local family in need.

We were blessed to be able to provide for a mom with two girls, a 16 year old and a 6 year old; the perfect family for us. They asked for very simple items and not a whole lot so our shopping was easy and we both had so much fun picking out items we normally wouldn’t get to shop for!

I know it’s not in everyone’s budget but this season is so hard for so many, it really doesn’t take much to give back. Happy Holiday’s from the Dickson Ohana!

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