This is a place where I will be sharing my journey with Isagenix and becoming the best version of myself. I have always had a “nice” body but after I stopped dancing in high school, it was no longer strong, wasn’t the healthiest, and I was filled to the brim with toxicity.
It was no way to continue to live, especially as a mom.
I knew my baby girl deserved a mama who could fully be present in her life and I deserved to feel my best.


My Story

I found Isagenix before my pregnancy but stopped during pregnancy due to dietary restrictions. Following my six week postpartum check up, I was cleared to begin working out. I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter so a “diet” was totally out of the picture and I knew I couldn’t just rely on working out alone. I dropped just under 20 pounds from breastfeeding but then my weight plateaued and I was stuck. Hello again Isagenix! I began following a regular shake day schedule and started seeing results after just ten days! Unbelievable right!? I thought so too until I saw a side by side photo comparison(my day one vs. day ten will be below!). How was it possible I looked this good after 10 days of eating well-ish(I add the “-ish” because I indulged a few times as we all do) and working out twice per week. More importantly, I felt amazing! I could not believe how much natural energy I had. When you have natural energy compared to the energy you get from coffee or an energy drink, it feels different. There is no after slump or lagging or the need for more, it is simply energy that is there and it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Suddenly I could take care of myself and my baby and my home without crashing at the end of the day. This was making me feel on top of the world you guys and I couldn’t believe it. Heck, some days I still can’t believe it. It is that good!

D1 VS D10.png

Physical Transformation

During and after my pregnancy I felt a lot of inflammation and weight gain in my face/neck area, arms, thighs, and belly of course. These are the places I have noticed a significant difference plus I am getting strong which is so important to me. I am back into my old jeans size; even though I still totally prefer leggings, it is nice to know I won’t need new pants. I was terrified my body would never be the same and I would have to get rid of all of my clothes for larger sizes and I am so lucky that is not the case. Next, I am only 16 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight! I wanted to be back to “normal” in one year but instead I have decided to create myself a new normal based on how I feel. I do not currently have a goal weight anymore but I do have goals about how I want to look and feel within the next 6 months.


Mental Transformation

I have been struggling with a mild case of Postpartum Depression(PPD). I have seen a doctor and she has been helping me work through it but one of the biggest things I have noticed is that mental health is tied to physical health. Once I began focusing on my health and the way I treat my body, a mental transformation occurred as well. I began to feel alive again and like I was coming out of my PPD hole. I went from wanting to just lay in bed and sometimes not even wanting to hold my baby to being the resilient mama she needed. I felt joy for the first time in weeks and beyond that I was able to actually feel rather than just feeling “bleh” or nothing at all. This journey, like my physical journey, is still very much a work in progress but I know I am on the right track based simply on how I feel. I feel wholesome and alive and boy what a gift that is.



Are you:

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  • wanting to transform your body and your life

  • looking for a convenient way to fuel your body

  • some combination or all of the above

Then let’s change that!



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